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Dave Morrison has published sixteen books of poetry.  His work has been featured in many literary journals and anthologies and read on Writer's Almanac, Take Heart, and Poems From Here.

“sharp, revealing imagery in crisp and subtle but tightly rhythmic language”
(Dana Wilde, Bangor Daily News)

“Dave Morrison is wide awake and paying attention. This latest collection is a testament to his ability to transform ordinary scenes into potent, lively poetry." 

(Sudasi Clement, Poetry Editor, Santa Fe Literary Review)

There is no voice quite like his.   What shines in every poem is musical sound and rhythm, grittiness, reality, humor, and the rare ability to tackle serious subjects without taking himself too seriously.  There is a wonderful, refreshing lack of pretentiousness and self-pity in all his poems and books.

Alice Persons, Editor and Publisher, Moon Pie Press


There is very little academic about Dave Morrison's approach to poetry; he is a rule-breaker. Don't talk to him about sonnets or sentence structure. His poetry is uncontrived, and it is like breathing, sometimes long and steady; other times, choppy and quick about the lungs. But always, there is rhythm, and uncompromising honesty.

Lynda Clancy - PenBay Pilot



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